Cookie Monstress

Owner, Skydottir Epic Cookies


Alison has been geeking out in the kitchen ever since she was old enough to see the tops of the counters. Using her little sister as a taste tester, she would turn their small kitchen in Ballard into a flavor laboratory. Her career had to make a few pit stops in real estate and marketing before she found herself back in the kitchen. After exhausting her energy and creativity in pursuits that didn’t truly reflect her values, Alison realized the only way she could blend her passion for music, heritage, nutrition and sustainability would be to create her own company, and be her own boss. It took awhile to pull all of those elements together to create an Icelandic themed heavy metal, vegan, sustainable organic chocolate chip cookie…but she did it!



Who needs a delicious chocolate chip cookie? Who needs to be transported back to simpler times? Who wants to go back to a perfect moment when the only thing you had on your mind was the cookie in your hand, and how quickly you could get it into your tummy?
The answer, if you ask anyone at Skydottir, is everyone.
But for those people exploring healthier and more sustainable eating choices, finding those perfect comfort foods can be difficult. Alison Dahmen, founder and Cookie Monstress of Skydottir Epic Cookies knew there were people out there pining for a perfect cookie moment, and so she got to work making the perfect cookie. She started at a kitchen in Ballard in 2010, and Skydottir has steadily grown since then, meeting the needs of hungry cookie monsters all over Washington and beyond.

Have questions? Need wholesale? Call Alison at (206) 265-3195 or use the CONTACT US form. Thank you for eating our cookies!