Meet Our Ingredients

At Skydottir we pay attention to who we work with and how they work with our ingredients. We use delicious, responsibly sourced ingredients.

Fair Trade Certified(tm), Certified Organic, Single Origin Chocolate: Our single-origin 55% cacao chips from Peru contain just organic cane sugar, organic cacao liquor and organic cacao butter. This fine chocolate is grown, harvested and produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and in strict accord with the principles of fair trade, which means helping cocoa growers have better lives by guaranteeing favorable working conditions and paying them equitable prices for their products.

Certified Organic Brown Rice Flour: Eco-farmed in Sacramento Valley, CA.

Certified Organic Amaranth Flour: Amaranth is actually a high-protein seed, called “kiwicha” in the Andes. It thrives in less-than-ideal soil. First cultivated 8000 years ago in Mesoamerica, amaranth was a staple crop for ancient Aztecs who used it in important religious rituals until conquistadores outlawed it.

Tapioca Flour: Made from dried cassava plant roots harvested in Thailand. Does well on poor soils and with low rainfall and a wide harvesting window it can act as a famine reserve.

Certified Organic Coconut Flour: High in protein, coconut flour is made by drying the meat of fresh coconuts, removing most of the oil then grinding what’s left into a powder.

Fair Trade Certified(tm), Certified Organic, Unrefined Coconut Sugar: Made from the pure flower blossom nectar of the coconut tree, our coconut sugar is an unrefined sweetener sustainably harvested in Indonesia. Our suppliers are dedicated to building sustainable livelihoods for their farmer-partners, helping lift them into a better life and creating a net benefit to their surrounding environment at the same time.

EcoSocial Certified(tm), Certified Organic Palm Fruit Oil: Small farms in Brazil sustainably cultivate and press this oil from the fleshy part of the plum-sized palm fruit. Certified EcoSocial means a commitment to stimulating local socioenvironmental development and practicing fair trade.

Certified Organic Maple Syrup: From small independent Vermont farmers committed to practicing sustainable forestry and sugaring.

Certified Organic Vanilla: Crafted by a small independent company in California using organic beans from Madagascar.

Certified Organic Flaxseed: Grown in North Dakota. Provides lignans and Omega-3 fats.

Ancient Sea Salt: Mineral-rich salt from Utah with no additives, chemicals or heat processing.